About Me

I’m a technologist at heart, having grown up around it and worked in it my whole career.  I’ve always enjoyed learning new technologies, frameworks, languages, anything to keep moving forward.  My roots are in Java, but I love playing with Ruby/Rails, and have recently been working closely with JavaScript.  I began my career in the mid-tier, application server logic of WebSphere, moved to Spring and more web application platform work, along with front end development using client side MVC.  I’ve been in both test and development, back end and front end, and am happiest when I’m being challenged.

About the Blog

The main purpose of this blog began as an extension of my coding in GitHub, as a way of documenting what I’ve done.  When I want to learn a new technology, I find the best way to really understand it, is to code in it.  In doing that I’m able to test out things I’ve read or heard about, which better prepares me when I must choose a technology/framework/language to solve a real world problem.  With that knowledge, maybe I can help someone else understand a technology by documenting how it works in this blog.  So in the end, the blog becomes my notes — in an open format that others can use if they so choose.


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